Acoustic Rubber Rings - 120mm Ø x 2mm - to fit Pedestal Heads: Pack of 30 pcs AS-120-2-30

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Recommended for use when installing Paver Tiles and Slabs.

StrataRise moulded acoustic rubber cushioning rings are recommended when mounting paver slabs or tiles on StrataRise 1836LP, 2442LP, 3560ML & 4166ML adjustable pedestal systems. The acoustic rubber will reduce transmitted noise through the pedestal as well as assist the bedding and fit of the tile corners. This helps to reduce corner chatter or rattling that may be caused by slight imperfections in levels. 

Rubber Rings - 4.72" (120mm) dia. x 5/64" (2mm) moulded acoustic ring for damping noise or vibration. For 1836, 2442, 3560 & 4166 Pedestals for Pavers, Slabs and Tiles.

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